India is considered among the fast-growing economies throughout the world. The country has great resources that can make it a world leader in terms of providing great Government job opportunities. If you are looking for Sarkari jobs 2017 in India, there are multitudes of choices available to determine. You may choose a private sector job or go with a traditional government jobs 2017. However, choosing a job in private sector in India isn’t a wrong decision to go with, but if you want to unveil plenty of benefits, you should choose a government job. The key reasons behind the evergreen demand and popularity of jobs in government or public sector are medical security, stability, jobs surety, and much more as the list is certainly exhausting.

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Best Government Jobs Opportunities in India:

If you want to grab a government job, you have plenty of choices to determine. However, whether you want to be an IAS officer or work as a clerk, you always need to face a tough competitive examination. Are you confused? If yes, then here you will be given complete information about government jobs 2017 or Sarkari Job opportunities in India. You will know about the job position, method of selection and tips on how you can crack competitive exams.

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01. Government Jobs Opportunities as an IAS/PCS Jobs

When it comes to finding a great government job, most of the candidates first try to be an IAS or PCS officer. But it is not as easy as it seems. Becoming an IAS or PCS officer needs lots of studies, hard work, and dedication. If you want to be an IAS officer, you should be ready to work hard, devote your time to study and find out right study material to lead others. Do you want to grab this top-notch government job? If yes, then you should not forget knowing its selection process. So, let’s keep reading it.

What Is the Method of Selection for IAS/PCS?

It is certainly an important question that should be answered appropriately. The process of selection for this job is done through an independent authority, which is called in Hindi “Lok Seva Ayog”. There are total four steps to go through the hiring process successfully. First, you need to sit for a primary examination. Once done, you need to face a subject-specific exam. Now, you need to go with another examination followed by an interview. Among the four steps, facing the final round i.e. interview is considered the most difficult one. So, you should be confident enough while facing the interview. However, before facing the final interview for the IAS or PCS job, you should first crack the IAS/PCS exams.

Tips to Crack IAS/PCS Examination

  • Since cracking an IAS or PCS exam needs lots talent and hard work, you should start your preparation at early days of your schooling.
  • It is better if you have a clear cut idea on how you study.
  • You should choose a right subject that can help you grabbing highest marks such as mathematics and history.
  • Choose right study material that can help you grabbing an insight about the overall examination concept and job process.
  • It is better if you can join a professional institute to learn ins and outs of this type of examination.

02. Become a Scientist at ISRO

There is no doubt that scientist plays the most crucial role when it comes to the betterment of human race. Therefore, if you want to help the country to grow in terms of scientific research, you should be a scientist. ISRO is considered among the top organizations in the world that have successfully completed various projects for revealing the truth of planet and universe. The Indian Space Research Organization is certainly an outstanding space agency that works for the national development. If you are looking for the best career opportunities in government jobs in India, you should look nowhere else but ISRO.

What Is the Selection Method Of Jobs at ISRO?

If you want to be a scientist at ISRO, you should be educated enough. It means that you should be a science graduate with the master degree in hand. It is better if you’ve complete research on your subject. There is a strict education criterion for the job selection. Like all other government jobs, grabbing jobs at ISRO also needs to go through tough competition. So, you should be ready to face a various level of selection process – from facing the primary competitive exam to dealing with a face-to-face interview.

Tips to Crack the Competitive Exam

  • Science subject is the key to success when it comes to finding a government job in ISRO. Therefore, you should be a master of the subject.
  • You must grab as much information about the competitive exam and the selection process as possible. For this internet can be of great help.
  • Read useful competitive books devoted to ISRO jobs.
  • Join a coaching institute with a great reputation in the industry so that you can have a realistic approach towards your job hunt.

03. Become a Lecturer or Professor

If you are looking for incredible respect with job responsibilities, you should look nowhere else but a government teachers’ job. Becoming a professor or lecturer in a university/college can bring prosperity for you. University Grant Commission (UGC) plays the most significant role when it comes to becoming a professor or lecturer at a popular university. You should have higher degrees to yield the job. You are supposed to be talented enough as you are going to make good citizens for the country. It is our responsibility to build the nation.

Method of Selection

  • A government owned organization conducts the general test for the applicants.
  • Once, you could be able to pass out the primary examination, you need to face the second round of the selection.
  • Finally, you need to go through an interview process.
  • UGC is an important organization that helps you finding the job in a university or a college as a lecturer or professor therefore you should understand the examination concepts of the organization.

04. Research Government Jobs at DRDO

Do you have a keen interest in security devices? Do you want to be a part of nation’s security lab? Are you want to research, develop and design new ideas when it comes to defense? If yes, you must unveil the job opportunities at DRDO as a researcher. This Indian organization prepares as well as carries out various programs of scientific or defense research, development, design, evaluation and testing of several security devices, products and subsystems. These tools, devices, and subsystems are required to protect the country. This government job is certainly an outstanding choice for people with a creative mind, talent and yes willingness to serve the country. If you want to create outstanding defense items for the nation, you should choose a job of a researcher at DRDO.

Method of Selection at DRDO

Since it is a sensitive department, you should be ready to go through a tough assessment. You need to face several rounds of hiring process. You need to crack tough competitive examinations of various rounds including an interview session.

Tips to Crack the Exam for DRDO

  • Look for books devoted to defense, army, and other government defense sources.
  • You shouldn’t forget to assess the actual process of hiring at the DRDO. For this, you can take help from the internet.
  • Join a training academy to learn new things about the defense research.
  • Science is important if you want to end up with a government job. Thus, you should concentrate on going through different types of science books.
  • Current affairs, general knowledge, and reasoning books can also help you accomplishing the desired goal of life.

05. Job as a Clerk

If you find grabbing aforementioned Government jobs can be a tough task to accomplish, you may look for a clerk job. One of the key benefits of finding a clerk job in a government department is that it can be found in all fields of interest. Whether you want to join police academy or want to be a part of the natural disaster management group, you will always find there is a scope for a clerk position.

Method of Selection

If you want to grab a government clerk job, you must know about SSC Exam. Therefore, you should learn as much about this type of competitive exam as possible. One can grab this job by going through a few steps i.e. written test and interview.

Tips to Crack the Competitive Examination

  • Choose right study material.
  • Read the newspaper on a regular basis so that you can have command over general knowledge and current affairs.
  • Reasoning, English language, and aptitude test are also necessary to grab this job.